John Bercow, The Speaker, Buckingham CC

Summary of Claims  
Office Costs £1,231.37
Travel £269.60

Constituency Information

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Annual Expenditure for John Bercow
DetailsConstituency StatisticsConstituency Averages
Size (sq miles)1 334.72 147
Population (2010)2 98,112 95,788
Electorate (2010)3 74,989 70,150
Unemployment Rate4 1.40 % 4.10 %

Buckingham is a large, predominantly rural constituency. The population is larger than the UK constituency average and unemployment in January 2012 was less than the UK constituency average.

1 Source: Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland
2 Source: Office of National Statistics
3 Source: Electoral Commission
4 Source: ONS Nomis database